Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you making the grade?

A few weeks ago met up with a group of friends and one of them asked me if I kept score with how I was progressing with my life. It was a great question and the shocking reality was that I had never seen a way to measure how I was doing.

So here is my first attempt at creating the My Life List™ Report Card.

Relationships (25%)
1. Do you have a romantic partner? If yes how would you rate the quality of your relationship? (0 to 10)
2. Do you spend quality time with your Friends (0 to 5)
3. Do you have Children? If yes how would you score your relationship with your kids? If you don’t have kids are you happy with your decision? (0 to 5)
4. Are you close with your family? (parents, brothers & sisters) (0 to 5)

Score ____/25

Career & Finance (25%)
1. Are you happy in your Career? (0 to 10)
2. Are you financially secure? (0 to 10)
3. If you had the opportunity to create your dream job/business would you be able to do it? (0 to 5)

Score ____/25

Personal Development & Community (20%)
1. Are you involved in a charity or community project? (0 to 10)
2. Have you done or are you doing any courses/coaching to improve yourself? (0 to 5)
3. Are you teaching/mentoring what you have learned to others? (0 to 5)

Score ____/20

Travel & Leisure (10%)
1. Do you take an annual trip to a place you enjoy going? (0 to 5)
2. Do you have a plan to go to a place you have always wanted to go? (0 to 5)

Score ____/10

Sports & Adventure (10%)
➢ Are you actively involved in a sport you enjoy or do you participate in an adventure activity annually? (o to 10)

Score ____/10

Lifestyle & Culture (10%)
1. Are you living a healthy and happy lifestyle? (0 to 5)
2. Are you actively involved in the arts or have a cultural passion that you participate in? (0 to 5)

Score ____/10

Total Score ____/100

So what was your grade? Are there areas in your life that you need to focus on more than others? I’d love to know what you think about this? Join the discussion at Create a My Life List™ Report Card

“In the end you’re measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish.”– Donald J. Trump

If you are not a member yet, it's free and easy to join by visiting CREATE your life list, ACT on your goals and CELEBRATE a story of a significant experience to inspire others!

About Bill Starr
Bill Starr is an avid 'life lister' and a founding partner and CEO of My Life List™ (, an award winning goal achievement website that uses a proven methodology and the power of social networking to help people achieve their goals and inspire others.


Aviva Goldfarb, CEO, said...

Wow, I scored very high! Good to know I'm living the life I should be living and loving it.

My Life List said...

Aviva, That is fantastic. Its fun to review your roadmap and know you are on track!! The nice thing is to celebrate what is going well across all aspects of your life. For me it really helped me to define what needs to be at the top of my list.