Friday, November 6, 2009

Why are you not accomplishing your goals?

So why are you not accomplishing your goals? Surely you realize that if you’ve set a major life goal, achieving it will help to improve or enrich your life. So what’s holding you back?

I’m going to assume it may be because you lack one or all three of the following:
1. Available time;
2. Clear priorities; or
3. Accountability.

If you identify with any of the above, what you’re really lacking are the skills to get organized. The good news is that getting organized is a skill you can learn any time.

This week on My Life List™ Radio, I had the opportunity to interview Shelagh Braley, an organizing expert and owner of Linear Thoughts (, a Boston-based organizing consulting company.

Here are some of her practical tips for getting organized and making the most of your time. (Source:

• Make a list every day.
• Keep a longer-term calendar and mark down upcoming project deadlines.
• Clear your space and your head will feel clear, too.
• Schedule your break times and take them without fail.
• Assign your time a monetary value.
• Take care of yourself with by taking breaks and rewarding yourself for small achievements.

So if you want to start achieving your major life goals, why not take the first step and add getting organized to the top of your list?

“Organize your life around your dreams – and watch them come true.”

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Zutchelli Morales said...

Yes I do agree because I myself is having a problem when it comes with having enough time to set things up... I just need a lil more perseverance... Thanks a lot for sharing this helpful post that you have here...