Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer on the horizon: What will you do?

By Shelagh Braley, COO

Every year before I worked with My Life List, I felt a pang when summer arrived. I’d start work at 9, miss every ray of sunshine all day and head for my commute home after dark.
As a child, my summers were full: Trips to the beach, swimming every day in the pool, bare feet in the grass, smores on the fire. Vacations with my grandparents and cousins.
Once we reach the serious stage of adulthood, we lose that sense of elation and relief that arrives with the last bell. Our schedules are no longer predetermined, so it takes more effort to plan our time off.
Summer can still be a time of great memories, to replenish our energy and reconnect with loved ones and friends. But you have to start now, step out of the grind and decide what you want to do with your time off.
Take a vacation. It isn’t even that you “deserve” it. It’s that you REQUIRE it. Your balance, fulfillment and future success demand it.
So explore a new location, take your children somewhere that will open their eyes and fill their scrapbooks with new experiences.
Here’s one member who took six weeks off and packed her bags for Thailand. Where are you going to end up? Share your travel adventures with us on and inspire someone else to seek a change of scenery.

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Bill Starr, CEO, My Life List said...

Summer So Far: Trip to Montreal, Great dinner in New York City & Figawi sailing to Nantucket.

Coming Events: Bruins Stanley Cup, Nephew Hockey Burlington, Racing from Marblehead to Halifax, Family Vacation to PEI, Breakers Soccer at Harvard Stadium, Extreme 40's Boston July, Children's Island, a best Friend coming to Boston for Summer, Moving to new home and a major relaunch of in August.