Friday, September 23, 2011

Sometimes you have to create your own wind...

Today is my 41st birthday. And I have been blessed by much this year. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman. I have a beautiful and fun eight year old to spend time with and I've positioned my company with a strategic partner who can help us grow to what it is meant to be, which is to make a difference in people's lives.

As many of you know, I am an avid sailor. The thrill of sailboat racing is something that challenges me given how unpredictable the wind can be. To win a yacht race requires an ability to adapt to what the wind gives you. The times we work hardest are on the extremes, when there is no wind or when the wind is blowing dogs off chains.

When there is too little wind, it takes massive concentration to keep the boat moving. Every little thing that happens on the boat matters as does an awareness of what shifts will occur that can help us avoid a hole. When the breeze is on, it's a struggle to keep the boat in control and ensure that the boat does not get overpowered and wipe out.

Throughout my life, I have done well by focusing on these two extremes. When there is not much going on, I focus on creating new opportunities and developing new relationships. When things are going well, I try to control the momentum to ensure that I do not get caught up and steer off course.

Much of life is on autopilot but it's the extremes that we build into our everyday lives that help us to accomplish our goals. If there are things that you have been wanting to do that you have been putting off, why not share them with others to see if you can create some momentum? If you are overwhelmed by things in your life, why not try to gain some control by seeking out people who can help you?

What ever way the wind blows for you in your life, do all you can to keep moving in the direction of your goals.


Paula Rizzo said...

Very inspirational! Thank you and have a very Happy Birthday!

Yacht Charter said...

Hello Bill,

Such a great post. It inspired me a lot.Thanks for this nice post and wish you happy birthday..

BillStarr said...

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