Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Life List Experience Highlight #1

A year ago we came up with the idea to create a web community to inspire people to create a Life List and take action on their goals. In September we launched The site will guide you to CREATE. a Life List of things you've always wanted to do, ACT on these goals by making a plan and CELEBRATE, your accomplishments by sharing your stories and photos to inspire others.

One of our key promises is that we'll help you take action to achieve your Life List goals. As part of this commitment, we'll periodically send you a note to introduce you to an inspiring Life Lister who has celebrated achieving a Life List goal. Today I would like you to meet one of our users, who celebrated overcoming her fear of riding by taking up Motocross!

We hope you enjoy our site, it's free and easy to join by visiting 

Bill Starr
CEO, My Life List

1 comment:

Reverend Loy said...

Hi Bill,

I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog and I also wanted to thank you for your site. I think a life list is probably the most empowering thing a person can do. I've created an account and I'll be asking people on my blog to do the same. Keep up the great work!