Friday, January 2, 2009

My Life List™ Launches Goal Achievement Website

January 2, 2009

Los Angeles, California - My Life List LLC, a Venice, California based social networking company focused on helping people to achieve their goals, today announced the launch of is an exciting new destination on the web designed to inspire users to CREATE a Life List of things they've always wanted to do, ACT on these goals by making a plan and CELEBRATE their accomplishments by sharing stories and photos to inspire others.

My Life List™ CEO, Bill Starr, said, “Life Lists have been around for years in one form or another. They act as roadmaps for people to achieve their dreams. We've found that many people have dreams but fail to write them down. Studies show that when you write your dreams down, and engage others to support you, they become achievable goals. This is why we created, which provides a structure, and uses the power of the latest social networking tools, to help people achieve their goals.”

The site offers inspiration through the My Life List 90 and provides the methodology necessary for users to accomplish their goals. To encourage balance the site is organized into 6 categories; Travel & Leisure, Relationships, Personal Development & Community, Career & Finance, Lifestyle & Culture and Sports & Adventure.

The website experience is best summed up by a user from New York City who wrote, ‘I've never been one to keep a journal or see what is remotely interesting in Facebook... but found your site a genuinely enjoyable experience to reflect back, escape the here and now, and set your mind thinking again’.

Mr Starr added, “A key benefit of the site is that it enables users to learn how others achieve their goals. We're providing a platform for people to inspire others and to share valuable resources to achieve what they desire. It's incredible to read about peoples journeys.”

The site generates revenue through strategic partnerships and via targeted one-on-one advertising relevant to the users needs. An example of this is linking users to the best resources that match their Life List interests. is an inspirational feel-good site designed to spur people into action and impact their lives in a positive way,” Mr Starr added.

For further information, please contact:

Bill Starr, CEO
My Life List™
Tel: 310-717-6953
My Life List Profile
Twitter: @mylifelist

About My Life List™
My Life List™ ( is an award winning* goal achievement website that uses a proven methodology and the power of social networking to help people achieve their goals and inspire others.

About Bill Starr
Bill Starr is an avid 'life lister' and a founding partner and CEO of My Life List LLC. Bill is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of corporate experience with PwC and most recently with an Australian Investment Bank. Bill is originally from New Brunswick, Canada.

*My Life List was awarded a 2008 Davey Silver Medal for website design and functionality.


Anne-Marie said...

Best of luck with your start up! It's a wonderful idea to get the support of a larger community to help inspire you to hit your goals. I hope your business does great in 2009.

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