Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Inspires You?

This should be an easy question to answer! Go ahead try it, in one minute write down the names of 5 people who inspire you?

How’d you do? When I first did this I found it quite difficult to immediately think of 5 people who inspire me! So I asked others the same question and they came up with a few more names, but most people struggled to think of 5 names! I was actually quite surprised by this. Perhaps I didn’t understand the meaning of the word “Inspire”, so I looked it up.

1. to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration
2. to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on
3. to spur on: impel, motivate.
(Source: Websters)

Interesting, now ask yourself, “Who in your life influences, guides, or motivates you?”

I bet you came up with a few different names and I’d imagine you’re starting to think of people in your immediate circle of friends and family. Now lets break it down even further and look at who inspires you across six areas that impact your life:

Travel & Leisure: Who do you know that inspires you by the opportunities they create for themselves to travel? Who would you most enjoy being on a trip with?

Relationships: Who do you know that has a relationship with their spouse, children or parents that inspires you?

Personal Development & Community: Who do you know that inspires you by the community projects they participate in or the impact they have on others?

Career & Finance: Who do you know that has a career they love or who has managed their financial affairs in a responsible manner?

Lifestyle & Culture: Who do you know that has overcome a negative addiction or has a hobby or pursuit that inspires you to want to explore their passion with them?

Sports & Adventure: Who do you know that embraces life as an adventure or is passionate about a sport they participate or support?

Hopefully you have a few more people on your list! Now think about the people on your list, have you ever told any of them that they inspire you? Probably not, but I’m guessing you’ve mentioned that you appreciate how they: spend time with their kids, enjoy their job or take care of their garden. (Fill in your own comment).

The point of the above exercise is help you realize that most of us have people around us that inspire us everyday. A person who inspires is not limited to world leaders or celebrities but is someone who has mastered an area of their life in a way that positively influences and motivates others. So why not send this note to someone who inspires you and let them know you appreciate them!

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