Friday, April 3, 2009

What's Your Passion?

A few years ago I was working with one of the top speaking coaches in Australia. I was getting ready to give a presentation to a group of my company’s retail investors. Before I gave my prepared presentation he asked me to talk about my passion. I proceeded to enthusiastically tell him about sailing in the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race. He then asked me to give my Investor presentation, which I gave somewhat less enthusiastically.

In the end he said the investor presentation was good but when I talked about sailing I gave a great presentation. He went on to say it’s not a matter of presentation skills but the difference between a topic one truly embraces and one where the presenter demonstrates expertise with no real passion. I thought about what he said and decided I should focus my energies on giving great presentations by talking about things I’m passionate about!

Now let me ask you this. If you were asked to speak to an audience what would you talk about? What topic would you feel so at ease with that you’d lose track of time as you spoke. When you can answer this question you have found your passion!

About Bill Starr
Bill Starr is an avid 'life lister' and a founding partner and CEO My Life List™ (, an award winning goal achievement website that uses a proven methodology and the power of social networking to help people achieve their goals and inspire others.

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